Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top 10 Tunes #1

These are the top 10 tunes I have been loving this week.... let me just say it was extremely hard narrowing it down to 10!

Left Hand Free - Alt-J: This song has such a good beat and makes me feel so summer-y!

Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You - Ball Park Music: Excuse the language, but this is such a cool little song! I've re-discovered my love for Ball Park thanks to this!

I Am Somebody - Bliss n Esso: I am probably really late on the bandwagon with this one but this song is such a good one for driving! and the line 'Could've, would've, should've, just ain't our style' has grown to be a fave of mine for some reason.

I'll Go Crazy - Bluejuice: This makes me sad that Bluejuice are ending soon, but such a good song! It also makes me want to go to Southbound (local music festival) even more to see them but I'm not 18 :( 

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran: Oh...my...goodness! Ed does it again with this song! The radio plays this to death but I'm not complaining because every time I'm in the car and it comes on the volume goes up and I sing at the top of my lungs. Such a beautiful song and film clip.

Cosby Sweater - Hilltop Hoods: This is such a cool song! so catchy, clever and such a fave of mine! The video clip is so cool too!

Won't Let You Down (ft. Maverick Sabre)  - Hilltop Hoods: Another Hilltop Hoods song but I LOVE this! This is such a summer festival song to me and every time I listen to it I can imagine it being played to a huge crowd with thousands of people singing along. I can't describe my love for this.

RUN - San Cisco: When RUN came out I loved it straight away. It's so fun and catchy and has such a good beat!

Throw Me In The River - The Smith Street Band: Okay this one is interesting because when I first heard it, the first verse is so soft and slow... so the perfect relaxing/going to sleep song. It then got to the chorus and it completely changed and became so heavy! but then slows down a bit. Still love it!

Australia Street - Sticky Fingers: First of all I love Sticky Fingers, such a cool band. This song is so chilled and perfect for summer.

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